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With the New Year, comes many changes. And although I don’t think I have ever “officially” made New Years resolutions, I figure there is a first for everything.  So, here it goes: 

  • Make the South Bay my home.  So I live here. I work here. I am very familiar with the fast food here but I am not really connected to the area.  This goes beyond just meeting more people here, but to discovering what Norcal is like outside of the @FiveStarsCard office walls
  • Become really good at my job.  I’m not just talking about job performance, but about becoming a loyalty professional.
  • Continually learn.  This past year (2011) I learned a number of things, but the one I slacked off on was learning guitar.  I’m going to make that happen.
  • Travel. So, maybe I can’t pick up and leave the country for months at a time, but what is stopping me from rediscovering the US and visiting friends? Let me know if you think I should come out for a weekend in 2012!
  • Do more stuff for me. SURF. Blog. Photograph. Cook. Eat. Take Adventures. Find the stuff that makes me happy and do it.  

And there you go! What are you resolutions?


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