Becoming Cusqueño

Check out the Travel Map Tab for new pictures of my first weekend in Cuzco! Especially rocking is la Plaza de Armas, the San Blas neighborhood, and the views from the closed San Cristobal Church. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed eating chicken hearts tonight!


From Cuzco



Borrower Visits Here

Maybe I have written too much in the past, but now that my camera is back, I can load my posts with amazing “I wish you were here” photos.

Yesterday, I went with one of Asociación Arariwa´s (pronounced Ararigwa. who would have known?) loan officers into the Sacred Valley of Cuzco, the provincia de Urubamba to the town of Chincero.  There, I was performing a “BV” or Borrower Verification.  It´s to make sure that the loan information, the loan use, and the borrower match what is posted on the Kiva website.  Anyway, I´ll let the pictures speak for me:

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